At CPS Optical, we hope that all of our clients, their members & dependents and Providers are doing the best they can during these very challenging times. We at CPS Optical, lost one of our own, so we empathize with all those who are dealing with this pandemic. However, we are optimistic about the future and we look forward to continuing to provide exemplary customer and administrative services like we have been for the last forty years. We appreciate your patience and support over the last few months and we anticipate better days ahead. Stay safe and keep well, Eddie Boles (CPS President)
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    Proudly Serving Union Members Since 1980

    CPS Optical is dedicated to providing only the best service.

CPS Optical provides the best Optical Management Service

Founded in 1980, Comprehensive Professional Systems Inc. (CPS) has built its core business working with union welfare funds, providing the best possible vision care for their members and eligible dependents. For 40 years, we have been a leader in the administration of vision care benefits, serving almost 3 million people.

What we offer

Customer Support

CPS Optical has advanced its business by providing quality customer service to our clients. Our staff of dedicated professionals is knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. When paired with our incredible network of optometrists, CPS Optical is able to provide vision benefits in a personal manner.

CPS Optical provides locations across a wide geographic area including:

The five boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Upstate New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida and Pennsylvania.


Our secure provider website and telephone voice response system allow CPS Optical providers to verify a patient's eligibility and obtain an authorization code. The website and telephone eligibility system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All CPS Optical Services are fully HIPAA compliant.


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CPS Optical offers administration of an organization's vision care benefits.

Let CPS Optical free up your staff and save you money

We can take care of the administration of your organization's optical benefit. Our automated eligibility system can track the eligibility and benefit usage of your organization’s members and their dependents. Providers obtain authorization to service patients through our online eligibility system or Interactive Voice Response telephone system. We provide the benefit usage reporting that your organization needs.

CPS Optical offers eligibility through our online and telephone services.

The CPS Optical eligibility system tracks benefit usage and is highly customizable to your organization’s particular needs. Every organization has their own benefit time frame, be it calendar year, service year or some other custom period. The CPS Optical eligibility system tracks your membership population based on the employment groups and subgroups you provide. Our system also can track split benefit usage and can handle special requirements for dependents.

The CPS Optical eligibility system issues authorizations to providers to treat your organization’s members and their dependents. This prevents fraud, and ensures that providers are paid for the services they render.

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CPS has successfully completed our first SOC 2 Type II attestation ensuring security and availability of our services.

The company achieved SOC 2 Type II back in March, 2020. The final report covers all aspects of the CPS operation including policies and procedures, claim processing integrity, availability, security, confidentiality and privacy. Passing this type of audit provides CPS customers with the assurance of the company’s internal controls and processes relating to the security of its services, data and infrastructure, and the availability of systems used to process customer data.